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A stimulating and well paying career as a programmer empowers the other parts of your life. That's why I help my students to land their first development job.

When it comes to learning I believe in mastering the basics, doing hands-on projects and giving personalised daily feedback

I align my interests with yours - I will only accept payment once you are hired

My program explained in 3 minutes



A robot playing with blocks

Web Development Fundamentals

Learn how to build your first app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript


A robot sitting on his backend

Backend Developer

Learn to build robust, secure and scalable backend systems so you can land your first job as a Backend Developer

A robot painting a screen

Frontend Developer

Specialise in building user interfaces and interactions a so you can land your first job as a Frontend Developer

A robot finding a bug

Test Automation

Learn the programming and theory necessary to land a job as a Tester

Job Search

A robot at a job interview

Job Search Mentoring

Land your (first) development job in an effective and timely fashion